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EcoBit Market Capitalisation

ECOBIT : World's first-ever green blockchain project


奕可币首次公开发行(EcoBit ICO)已经开始!

  • Carbon trading opportunities for individuals
  • ROI via sustainable eco projects
  • Referral and retainer programs
  • Recycling rewards
  • 个人碳交易机会
  • 通过可持续生态项目投资
  • 推荐和保留计划
  • 回收奖励
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Greener Future


  • Contributing to sustainable green projects
  • 1 million acres of land for REDD+
  • 为可持续绿色项目做出贡献
  • 100万英亩的土地用于REDD +
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Healthy Living


  • Production of superfoods like spirulina
  • Air to water dispenser for clean unpolluted water
  • Farming of organic produce
  • Free range farming
  • 生产螺旋藻等超级食品
  • 空气到水分配器,用于清洁无污染的水
  • 有机农产品
  • 自由耕种
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Benefits and Perks


  • Access to superfoods like spirulina
  • Access to fresh organic produce
  • Access to free range farm produce
  • Free flights & stay at the Eco Sanctuary
  • You own blockchain card
  • 进入超级食物如螺旋藻
  • 获得新鲜的有机农产品
  • 获得免费农场农产品
  • 免费航班并留在生态保护区
  • 你拥有块卡
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Green Education Hub


  • Tours and explanation about green projects
  • 关于绿色项目的旅游和解释
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EcoBit Features





Another unique EcoBit initiative is to use blockchain technology to deploy traceability disciplines on all EcoBit chain of produce movement. This is a classic challenge for ages and EcoBit is using NEM blockchain technology to track the certificates, movement and records with NEM's digital ledgers to ensure full integrity from production to delivery of EcoBit produce. EcoBit owns these eco-friendly businesses and will demonstrate that this first in the world implementation for traceability is practical and reliable using blockchain technology which is now available. EcoBit will deploy this application as each of Phase 2 projects come on-stream and those consuming the produce can be sure of the points of origination to the points of delivery.
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EcoBit 其次的特点是使用区块链技术追溯产物的供应链。这是多年以来人们面对的问题和挑战,所以EcoBit决定创新,采用NEM区块链技术 追溯所有产物的有机食品认证和监督它从农场至运输和市场的过程。EcoBit将首开先河采用高技术实行这些过程, 成为食物生产者的典范。更多



"应用股权证明" (POS)红利

As a EcoBit owner , " the more they save , the more they earn" as we employ Proof- Of-Stake (POS) concept , where the system will rewards EcoBit owner with bonuses when they keep their EcoBit more than 6 months. As a proud owner of EcoBit, one can see growth in value by just keeping them. The reason why EcoBit can make such an offer is that EcoBit has real businesses that generate income.

EcoBit 拥有者"储存得越多,就赚取越多",因为当您把您重视的EcoBit存放在绝对可靠的在线钱包(使用应用股权证明系统,POS)多于6个月, 您将赚取红利!接下来,系统将根据储存天数自动按比例分配(Pro rated basis)红利。红利数额于每6个月公布,然后自动转入您的在线钱包。 身为EcoBit拥有者,我们将让您感到骄傲。我们是拥有实际发展计划的众筹,这些计划续生的其中一部分收入将会以红利方式每年分派给EcoBit拥有者。

阶段一已经完成,我们已投获一百万英亩的热带雨林作碳贸易,特许权是30年。接下来的几个月,我们还会洽谈其他州县的热带雨林,以扩展此环保计划。 这些实际的发展计划和商机促使EcoBit币在交易平台卷起热潮,让全世界都纷纷讨论EcoBit这结合了环保、加密货币和高科技的新颖概念。 这些特点都是让EcoBit币值持续增生及使EcoBit持有者感到骄傲的原因。

11TH MARCH 2017

Phase 2 - EcoBit Sanctuary Launched

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The beautiful afternoon of 11th March marked a special day for EcoBit with the launch of EcoBit Phase 2 , the launch began with a beautiful rendition of Venessa William's "Colors of the Wind" sung by none other than EcoBit's very own Monica. Hosted by the beautiful Daniela Regra, a member of the EcoBit family, the launch was now in full gear!

Held at Glasshouse, the venue was transformed into a small scale EcoBit Farm, showcasing the various projects planned for and the guest got a first-hand experience and education on how an aquaponic system works, how spirulina is farmed, a new and easy way to farm honey and even an opportunity to play with chicks and ducklings at the free range farm section. One of the highlights of the launch was the demonstration of how the EcoBit vending machine and EcoBit aluminium recycling machine works, truly amazing! The launch also featured a revolutionary machine that turns water into air, which fascinated the guests.

The launch also featured some interesting speakers, starting with Mr. Tang, CEO of Ecobit who gave a very meaningful talk about his vision and why we should all do our part in helping planet earth and also educate ourselves with enough knowledge on how to lead a healthy lifestyle through sustainable agriculture. The launch also featured Datin Jeannette Tembakau, who pioneered the Solar Mama program here in Malaysia, followed by Pn. Tahiring Bt Masaniam, one of the solar mama's, a lady that is illiterate and yet has introduced solar electricity to 200 homes and 4 villages in Sabah, it was truly an amazing story.

The launch was nothing short of being fun as there were activities for guests to make their own fruit juice by paddling a bicycle blender and also make their own airplant terrarium which guest got to take home. The launch of Ecobit Phase 2 was not only educational, it was also fun and entertaining as some lucky guests walked away with 10,000 EcoBit from the lucky draw!

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